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Thank you for taking the time to investigate my

Joint Venture offer.


Here are the details to help you to make an informed decision.

I hope that you will choose to work with me for our mutual benefit

(and that of our visitors and members).


Do you prefer lasting partnerships?


Some of the major elements of a successful Joint Venture are:

  • it's easy to set up

  • takes little work to maintain

  • puts everything on auto-pilot

  • continues to pay for many years to come with little, if any,
    extra work.

I know you're busy. By providing you with everything you need, I aim to make our Joint Venture as quick and easy for you as possible.


Once the system is set in place, why end it after one joint venture?

Let's make our efforts pay off in the long term.


Here's my product:


Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets.

Click to my sales page to get the details.


Here's my offer:


I'll be perfectly honest right from the start.


This is a new niche for me, which means I do not yet have a list. However, in exchange for promoting my product to your list, I will pay you 55% commission, which works out to about $36 per sale.


Until my list develops, I will provide you with all the marketing materials you need:

  • dog-related articles

  • mini-reports

  • auto responder series

  • promotional messages

  • banners and book covers

If there's something specific you need, just ask and I will provide it to you.


You can insert your affiliate code into all of these products to be sure you receive your rightful commission when people buy.


The marketing materials do come with a few restrictions:

  • you cannot alter these marketing materials in any way other than to add your affiliate links

  • you cannot post the articles anywhere but on your own sites/blogs and in your auto responders.

  • the graphics are to be used with my product ONLY

BUT... you can:

  • put them into your auto responder

  • give the reports away to your visitors

  • use the articles on your site

  • package the articles to create a report for your opt-in form

  • add your affiliate link

As my list grows, I will include your solo promotional mailings to my members to help bring you traffic and sales.


There are other ways we can work together for our mutual benefit.

This is just the start. I welcome any and all ideas and suggestions for ways we can work together.


My goal, as I hope is yours, is to build joint ventures that will pay off for years to come - on auto pilot.


How is the Joint Venture Program run?


The product is being sold through ClickBank which will track all sales, take care of returns and pay you your well-deserved commissions every two weeks. (Please refer to ClickBank's policy for details on how commissions are calculated and how refunds affect your commissions.)


Serious Joint Venture offers only will be considered.


If you are interested in Joint Venturing with me, simply send an email to . Please include a few details about your business and a link to your site, as well as any questions you might have. Considering the planetary time differences, please allow me 24 hours to respond.


Once a tentative agreement is reached, you will receive exclusive access to my product so that you can see what you will be promoting. As you know, it would be best if you create your own endorsement of the package as it will be much more personalized than the one I will give you in your marketing materials.

Hi, Fellow Marketer,

My name is Sylvia Dickens, a dog lover who is concerned about the welfare of our pets. I am the creator and owner of this site, which is dedicated to providing the advice that will help ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life.

I am also an award-winning journalist who has

researched and written on thousands of topics

over the years.


My online business began in 2002 although I've been online since 1998.

During the past few years, I have launched several sites to promote affiliate products. Last year, I created Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets,

a project that took a few months to complete.


As I successful writer, I use my 20+ years of expertise writing product reviews, reports and articles to add to my promotional material.

You can learn more about me on my About Us Page.


I look forward to building a mutually-successful

Joint Venture Partnership with you!


Sylvia Dickens, Ontario, Canada  ?