Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets

You could save $1000s in vet bills by making a few simple changes to your dog's diet. 

Do You Want To Prevent Dog Health Problems?

It’s been proven that you can fight disease naturally with proper dog nutrition

Rather than bombarding your dog with medications, you can use nutrition to help Ease the Symptoms of Disease including:

  • Pain of arthritis
  • Aching bones and joints
  • Discomfort of bladder disease
  • Cancer-related symptoms
  • Liver problems brought on by chemicals in dog food
  • Diabetes possibly caused by sugar in dog food

Are you sure that the food you feed your dog has all the proper nutrients and none of the toxic ingredients that can make him or her sick?

TylerLet's face it. Your dog will get sick. They all do. Does this make you feel helpless?

It doesn't have to, because there is something you can do. In a few moments, you'll have all the information you need to help prevent disease in your dog.

If your dog already suffers from a health condition, such as arthritis, diabetes or cancer, you'll know how to ease the disease and aid in recovery through diet.

Let's get your dog on the road to a long, healthy life... by ensuring he gets nutrient-rich high quality dog food. 

Poor Nutrition Dangers

First, let's look at some of the health problems your dog could face if he (or she) does not get good dog nutrition.

  • poor physical development

  • weak bone structure

  • diseased joints

  • internal infections

  • mental problems

  • major illnesses (diabetes, cancer, liver disease and more...)

  • poor coat

  • bad teeth

... and many other conditions

As you can see, dogs need good quality food just as humans do. They are just as susceptible to health issues if they do not get it.

I know you love your dog. You will do whatever is necessary to keep him or her healthy... Right?

Would it surprise you to know that you can help prevent diseases in your dog? And if your dog already has a condition, you can help in the recovery process by making simple adjustments to your dog's diet.

All you do is switch your dog to an entirely new diet that is loaded with the right nutrients... nutrients that actually fight disease naturally. You can get it from quality commercial food and from making nutrient-rich homemade dishes.

You'll find out how to do that in my completely revised book...

Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets

Disease specific nutrition advice to help prevent disease and aid in recovery

My book spells out exactly what you need to know about dangerous toxins and healthy nutrition.

It provides a wealth of information on dog nutrition and how it can affect your dog's ability to fend of and recover from typical illnesses.

It focuses on specific diseases that are common in dogs, from minor issues like fleas and allergies to more serious ones like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and heart problems.

You no longer have to just hope for the best.


Dear Sylvia,

Your new book, Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets, is absolutely wonderful!

The experience, insights, knowledge and personal writing style you’ve brought to this endeavor make this a Must Have for anyone who has even THOUGHT of owning a dog!

The wealth of information you’ve presented is an amazing array of every facet of dog nutrition, and your research skills are commendable.

Your love for dogs shows, too, in each of your personal stories, and gives me a strong sense of trust in you.

Thank you, so much!  Your book will truly make our dog’s life a more pleasant, HEALTHY one!

Wendy L

You can take action right now.

  • Discover what foods encourage health in your dog.

  • Find out what foods are dangerous and even lethal to dogs.

  • Get advice on specific diseases, how to prevent them and how to treat them naturally through dietary changes.

Question:  Why is this book important to me?

You are right to ask.

This comprehensive manual begins with an overview of certain diets - the good and the bad. It provides a breakdown of all the nutrients your dog needs through all stages of life and how they help to prevent dog health problems. It explains which foods can cause dog health issues, and which ones can help to prevent them. Plus it covers foods that can aid in the treatment of many of the diseases that pose a threat to your dog, and ease his or her symptoms.

Take a look at this abbreviated list of what the book covers.

 Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets

Table of Contents

  • Vegetarian Dog Food

  • Do-It-Yourself Vegetarian Dog Diet

  • People Food - Good and Bad

  • What is the raw food diet?

  • Basics of Nutrition

  • The Truth About Garlic

Disease-Specific Nutrition

  • Allergies

  • Bladder Disease

  • Blood disorders

  • Bones, Joints, Arthritis

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin for arthritis and hip dysplasia

  • How to Ease Arthritis Pain In Your Dog

  • Cancer

  • Dietary recommendations for dogs with cancer

  • Anti-cancer diet suggestion

  • A Word About Raw Food Diets and Cancer Patients

  • Cataracts

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive System

  • Heart Disease

  • Kidney Disease

  • Liver Disease

  • Osteoporosis

  • Overweight

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Skin & Coat Problems

  • Shedding

Stages of Life

  • Puppies

  • Adults

  • Seniors


  • Canine and human medications

  • Toxins that can cause Anemia

  • Garden dangers

  • Poisonous Plants

  • Safe Plants

Plus... it provides some homemade dog food recipes and healthy dog treats recipes to get you started creating high quality food for your dog.

Order Now!

Question:  What are my qualifications for writing this book?

Granted, I am not a dog or nutrition professional, but I do know how to find vital information.

My background is journalism which entails understanding the research and presenting it in a way that the layperson can understand and apply. Through 25 years of experience in research, writing, editing and publishing, I have earned three distinguished journalism awards for excellence.

Perhaps more important, I am a lifelong dog owner, so I have a vested interest in learning this material for my own use as well as yours.

Prior to writing this book, I made many of the mistakes you could be making. For instance, I paid no attention to dog food labels. The cheaper the food, the better, because that was all I could afford. However, I paid for it in other ways.

Let me tell you a little story about my dog, Cindy.

Cindy died of Cancer when she was 10 years old

Cindy was an energetic, fun-loving puppy who was a vision of health: shiny coat, bright eyes, lots of character.

But she got cancer and died at 10 years of age.

I had to ask why. How did it happen? What could I have done to prevent it? It was too late by the time I found the answers - things I could have done that would have given Cindy all of the years we should have enjoyed together

Cindy was especially precious. She was 10 when she died of cancer. She was a robust lab/chow mix who should have lived much longer.

At 8, she had developed an orange-sized tumor on her chest. The operations ran me $1,500, but our efforts to save her came too late. The cancer spread to her heart two short years later.

It was devastating to see her take those final few steps into the emergency vet hospital. Yes, she walked.

Cindy was brave and strong, but the cancer was too much for her. The next morning, I stood comforting her while she lay convulsing on the examination table, her eyes glazing over and slowly rolling upwards. All the vet could do was ease her final moments with an injection. And it was all over.

Cindy was gone.

Devastated, I wept as I stroked her for the last time and whispered goodbye.

No doubt, you have a beloved dog like my Cindy. And chances are, you know how painful it is to lose your loving companion.

As a puppy, she was funny and an absolute delight to have around. Even as an adult, she loved to play with her squeaky toy. It accompanied her everywhere.

She frequently made me laugh when we played her favorite games, like 'catch me (and my toy) if you can' as we raced around the flower beds.

Two years after her death, I still miss her twinkling eyes and mischievous character.

Cindy did not get healthy dog food as a puppy

Cindy came from a home where the owner could not afford to feed the mother of her litter. I kept in touch with the person who took one of her siblings. One year later, her dog was very ill. She had joint problems and could barely walk, and her coat was dull and matted. She died before her 5th birthday.

I think it was because she did not get the proper nutrition as a puppy. And I think that's also part of the reason why its sister, Cindy, didn't live to her full life expectancy of 12 years.

What happened to Cindy doesn't have to happen to your dog.

You might think you are providing healthy dog nutrition, but you might be as surprised as I was to learn that many commercial brands don't meet that expectation.

Discover the hidden dangers that lurk in that bag or tin of dog food...

And other vital facts that you need to know to ensure you have a healthy dog that gets the best care possible.

Since Cindy's untimely death, I've done considerable research into just what could have caused her cancer and took her from me. That's when I learned about how dog food additives can affect a dog's life.

When I read about the tainted gluten that China supplied to our dog food manufacturers, I got angry.

It was causing various dog health problems. Those who didn't die or fully recover were left with ongoing medical problems including kidney disease.

The more I researched, the more upset I became.

Nikki, my lovable American Eskimo, is the dog I decided to use on my product cover.

He was more fortunate than Cindy. He lived a happy, healthy life to the ripe age of 16-1/2 when he died of kidney failure.

Nikki didn't suffer very long, but knowing what I do now, I can't help but wonder if his kidney failure was a result of the food I fed him all those years.

Like you, I trusted the dog food manufacturers to provide quality, nutritious and safe food. I've since discovered that even Purina, one of the top producers in the country, used corn as a filler. Corn provides little if any food value to dogs. It just fills them up so they feel satisfied.

Did you know that dogs cannot digest corn very well?

This important fact makes this even more disturbing. If you've ever given your dog corn in table scraps, you know what I mean. It passes right through.

Scientists now know that many products just don't deliver. In fact, many contain additives that are toxic and can cause any number of diseases in your dog, including cancer and kidney failure.

Some dogs will eat anything.

Here's another mistake I made.

Do you pamper your dog? Or do you believe that dogs have a strong constitution and don't need much pampering?

This information that I'm about to share is equally important to both types of owners. You can pamper your dog into a short life or you can miss some important dog nutrition requirements that can jeopardize your dog's life.

It's vital that you choose your dog food wisely to ensure your dog stays healthy, energized and fit. The goal of this letter is to inform you, so that you know exactly what foods to avoid, what to look for when you make your selections, and much more.


From the Desk of: Sylvia Dickens


Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

May I share a little story with you?

My mother always sent us to the local Purina manufacturer down the road to buy our dog food. Back then, Purina provided local farms with food for their animals, including chickens. The store was handy. The food was affordable (we didn't have much money back then). And it came directly from the farm. It had to be good.

I'll never forget walking across those creaky wooden floors at the outlet every single week to pick up our supply and inhaling that odor of chicken feed.

Looking back now, I can't help wondering whether a chicken feed supplier has sufficient expertise to provide quality dog food. Back then, we didn't pay that much attention to our dogs' diets.

We used to give our dog table scraps along with the dog food. Since there were five of us, that amounted to a significant quantity of leftovers. We kids delighted in experimenting with different food items to see just what Jeannie, our Cocker Spaniel, would devour.

She got grapes, radishes, raisins, apples, pieces of orange, orange rinds, potato peelings, raw potatoes (she loved those), potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, candies, rhubarb, cherries, and so much more.

Little did we know that dogs cannot tolerate many human foods. We had no idea the risk we exposed her to.

For instance, we had no idea that chocolate can cause a dog to have seizures or that raisins can cause digestive upset in dogs! Heaven knows the harm other foods caused our dogs.

Of course, our antics did little to enforce our parents' dog training efforts. Jeannie begged constantly and she ate almost anything she found which, in itself, posed a danger. Once she even ate cigarette butts.

A few years ago, I began hearing about dog allergies and food reactions and how seemingly innocent food can hurt my dog.

I was stunned to hear of dogs dying from Gluten, a chemical food additive

This led to some revealing truths.

Many toxic and dangerous chemicals are added to dog food. For years, manufacturers have minimized the real food value and used nutrition-deficient fillers. It's a strategy to do one thing only... boost their profits while cutting costs.

Did you know that with every meal, your dog could be ingesting Pentobarbital, a drug used to euthanize cattle and horses? According to the FDA, scientists ran tests on several samples of dog food and discovered residues of pentobarbital, that they assumed to be entering the pet food from euthanized, rendered cattle and possibly horses.

As my research continued, I discovered the dangers that my dogs faced at every meal. When the truth about gluten and melamine was revealed, it spread like wildfire through the news media and the internet. Every few weeks, it was something else… and reports of yet more dogs dying or becoming severely ill.

How do you feel learning about this? I was panicked!
I had new dogs to worry about since Cindy's death.

After reading the literature and taking notes, I put together my Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets package to help you avoid the hefty vet bills and heartache that so many people continue to suffer.

You can benefit from my knowledge by reading my new book, "Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets" and avoid the suffering Cindy endured in her final year of life.

It explains everything you need to know about dog food and how to keep your dog healthy for many years to come. It tells you – sincerely and in practical, down-to-earth language – what you can do to protect your beloved dog through nutrition.

It discusses not only processed dog food, but also human foods that can harm your dog. The package includes some great recipes you can make to ensure your pet gets healthy dog nutrition, free of dangerous chemicals and useless fillers.


Discover what I learned about
healthy dog nutrition, dog food dangers

and how your dog can be at risk

In Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets, you'll read about:

  • The value of healthy dog food and what a poor diet means to your dog

  • The detrimental effects of an imbalanced diet

  • Your dog's nutrition regimen and why puppies are protected (for awhile)

  • Dog food choices and how to choose the best one for your dog

  • Help for an overweight dog – Is diet dog food the right choice?

  • Facts you should know about table scraps – hint: Bones are taboo

  • Does your dog need vitamin supplements? You might be surprised

  • The importance of healthy dog food for a pregnant dog, and why you should care

  • The real story behind dog treats – Your dog could be allergic – or worse

And other surprising dog nutrition facts.

In addition, you'll discover just how devastating poor dog nutrition can be. Did you know… right now he or she might be at risk of developing any one of these
life-threatening illnesses caused by improper nutrition?

  • Arthritis: attributable to a build up of artificial calcium deposits in the dog's body

  • Cancer:  one of the leading causes of dog death each year.

  • Bladder problems: caused by a build-up of toxicity from certain dog food ingredients and chemical additives.

  • Diabetes: directly related to sugar in pet foods

  • Kidney problems: from ingesting artificial phosphorus and proteins (gluten) in commercial dog food

  • Liver problems: caused as the liver struggles to detoxify the dog's body of the artificial chemicals, drugged or contaminated meats and other undesirable ingredients in poor quality dog food.

  • Obesity: directly related to sugar and carbohydrate levels that are in store-bought dog foods


BUT... There is something you can do right now!

There's so much more to tell you, but I can't do it all in this letter. My book goes into great detail about the issues that are most important. No fluff. Just useful information that you can benefit from immediately.

Take action now to ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life. You can make a difference. And it's quite easy to do. Get your no-risk copy right now. You'll have a full 60 days to look it over. If you don't like what you see, your purchase price will be refunded in full. No hassle – no questions. I don't want you to keep it if you truly don't want it.

Now, that's a fair offer, isn't it?

I'm making it so easy because I want you to take a look so you can see just how valuable this information is to your dog's life.

Why so valuable?

Because Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets provides you with the vital information that has dog food manufacturers scurrying to remedy the dangers dog foods pose. This isn't about rumors, it's based on scientific fact. It gives you all the details you need to know to make informative choices for your dog's health.

Question:  Why do I need your book?

It's an honest question.

1. Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets gives you the information that will even out the increasing odds against your dog's health. Once you know these facts, you can steer clear of the foods that contain the most damaging chemicals – including ones already identified and any that are named in the future.

It enables you to understand about additives in your dog's food… another thing that can shorten your dog's life or lead to diseases like cancer and heart trouble.

Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets alerts you to the dangers and what you can do to try to avoid them and, in some cases, repair the damage that might already have been caused.

2. It tells you more than your vet can. Veterinarians are "educated" by the dog food manufacturers themselves, so they might not get the full story until it's too late. It's quite likely that your dog's vet is not even aware of the dangerous additives and preservatives that go into processed dog food. How can you expect to know?

I'm not making any miracle claims or offering instant results. All I ask is that you buy the book and read it, and put your newfound knowledge to good use.

Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets package offers more.

There's more to dog ownership than providing a nutritious diet. Dogs need exercise, grooming, play time and more. I touch on these areas as well, giving you some basic tips in all areas of dog care.

The "Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets Toolkit" includes a set of 3 books that gives you a good start on understanding all about dog nutrition. Not only will you learn about dog food. You will also learn what symptoms indicate your dog is not getting the proper nutrition.

Here's what you get…

The main 160-page manual, "Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets" details your dog's nutritional requirements from puppy stage to senior dog. It provides a good overview of diet, food facts, feeding advice and how to choose the best food for your dog.

It is broken down into three sections to provide you with everything you need to know about feeding and caring for your dog. The book goes beyond dog food. It is a complete handbook on dog health. I've even included a few tips on dog training.

Here's a peek at what's inside:

  • Commercial Dog Food

  • The Pet Food Poisoning Outrage

  • Dispelling The Myths

  • Do-It-Yourself Vegetarian Dog Diet

  • People Food - Good and Bad

  • Human Foods That Are Toxic

  • People foods that are safe

  • Benefits of a raw food diet

  • Homemade Dog Food

  • Basics of Nutrition

  • Disease-Specific Nutrition

  • Allergies

  • Bladder Disease

  • Blood disorders

  • Bones, Joints, Arthritis

  • How to Ease Arthritis Pain

  • Dogs with cancer

  • What are green foods?

  • Anti-cancer diet suggestion

  • Controlling Diabetes

  • Skin & Coat Problems

  • Supplements - Vitamins & Minerals

  • Stages of Life

  • Poisons

... and a whole lot more.

The Bonuses

"150 Nutritious & Tasty Dog Food Recipes" you can prepare yourself. YOU decide what food you dog gets. YOU control the ingredients, so you know exactly what goes into your dog's body. Your dog will love the variety these recipes provide.

"Puppy Myths & Mysteries" gives basic information on how to adapt your new puppy to his or her new home, including introductions, discipline and feeding. You can apply much of it to an adult dog, too, and is especially useful where the dog you are introducing is an adoptee with its own issues.

As you can see, this Toolkit is jam-packed with valuable tips and advice. It helps you to know exactly what your dog needs and what he doesn't. Apart from the invaluable facts about nutrition, you will have the resources to handle other issues as they arise.


You and your dog will get a lot of compliments, too... 

Like these:

"What a beautiful, shiny coat he has. However did you get it so shiny?" People will think you bathe him every day using some secret formula. The color and intensity of his coat will be fantastic.

"Her eyes are so bright and clear." They will recognize this as a sign of good health and happiness.

"He sure has a lot of energy. What are you feeding him?" People will think you're doing something unique - and you will be.

"She's such a happy dog." That's because she will feel great all the time. A dog that gets proper nutrition will be free of stomach upsets and malaise.

"He's a beautiful dog, so good natured." You'll know the secret that brought that compliment. A dog that's not constantly dealing with the stress of an improper diet is a contented dog, ready to meet new people, ready to play on a moment's notice, and always anxious to have more fun with you... for years to come!

Don't risk your dog's health for another day.

Order my book now. It'll be in your hands in minutes. You can start creating nutritious meals for your dog tonight - putting him or her on the right path to healthy dog nutrition.

You'll get:

  • "Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets" 160-page Master Manual

  • "150+ Nutritious & Tasty Dog Food Recipes"

  • "Myths & Mysteries of Owning a Puppy"

Just $27 RISK FREE

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a refund. I wouldn't want you to have a product that doesn't meet your expectations. But I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to keep this information-packed Toolkit.

You have my 100% Iron Clad Guarantee.

If you are not completely happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it for a refund within 60 Days of purchase. No questions asked, and that's a promise. And as a thank you for trying my Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets, you can keep the bonuses.

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Tyler Thanks You!

Yes, this is my new dog.

You'll read more about Tyler inside the manual.

Believe it or not, this beautiful well-trained and well-behaved Belgian Shepherd pup was about one-year-old when he landed in the pound.

Only $27.00

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Whether you are a new dog owner or have a long history with dogs, this book is meant for you. You are sure to find something new in this information-packed collection.

Grab your copy today!



Sylvia Dickens

P.S.: You'll be amazed how much more energy your dog will have within the first few months of being on a good, nutritional diet and exercise program. Why waste your time scouring books for the information when you can get only what you need from "Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets"? Everything you need is right here, written in simple language that you can understand. You won't have to decipher all that jargon and medical terminology.

P.P.S.: You will have exactly what you need, and none of what you don't need with this package. What's more, you can have this eye-opening information in your possession instantly. You can start your dog on that healthy life a mere few minutes from now. Do you want to risk your dog's health any longer than necessary?

P.P.P.S.: If you're still not sure, consider this. My book is 100% original content. It is not available in this format anywhere else. The information comes from scientific data and reliable sources like the FDA (U.S. Federal Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) among others. It also contains tips that I've discovered along the way in raising my own dogs, two of whom lived happily and healthily to a ripe old age and, sadly, one who wasn't quite so lucky.


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